Collecting alimony, changing their size

Collecting alimony, changing their size


Alimony in Ukraine can be paid either voluntarily (by agreement of the parents) or force (by court order). It is very good if there is agreement between the former spouses, and there are no questions about payments. It is much worse if the parent does not pay the full amount of alimony, or even even shies away from fulfilling material obligations to the child.

What to do to ensure a comfortable existence for your offspring?

If the child has not reached the age of majority, or is studying at a higher educational institution (the form of education does not play a role), it is necessary to resolve the issue through the court. Then the parent living with the baby, or a trustee needs to make a statement of claim for child support, then file a lawsuit. It should be noted here that if you have decided to trust the representative, he needs to act through the registry of the court. It is very important that the application can be submitted not only to the court at the place of residence of the defendant, but also at the place of your residence, which is very convenient for parents who want to spend more time with their children together. The state fee for filing a claim related to alimony you do not pay, it is paid by the defendant. The alimony is collected from the moment of filing a statement of claim by a court decision. Therefore, it is very important to clearly establish the date of application.

Below is a list of the necessary documents for the award of payments

  • proof of ex-spouse's income
  • copy of birth certificate
  • copy of divorce certificate
  • copy of passport, claimant’s identification number
  • for the defendant - a statement of claim with an appendix to it

How to determine the amount of alimony?

The share of wages may be different. It all depends on the number of children. So, for one child - 25%, two - 30%, three and more - 50% of the income of the parent paying child support, but not exceeding the amount of 10 living wages per child of the corresponding age. But, this is possible if the former spouse is officially registered and there is an opportunity to check the amount of money earned.

Below is a list of income, which is also taken into account when determining the amount of payments:

  • all types of surcharges and allowances for wages
  • prizes
  • overtime pay, weekends and holidays
  • annual overall performance award
  • unemployment benefits
  • salary that is maintained during the holidays and compensation upon dismissal
  • a scholarship that is paid during studies at a university, vocational school, or educational institutions
  • salary that is maintained during the performance of state and public obligations
  • state assistance to disabled people since childhood
  • social security benefits
  • receiving a pension, except for pension allowances paid to disabled persons of the 1st group for their care
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In some cases, alimony is awarded in the form of a fixed amount, i.e. the amount of payments remains unchanged with a change in income. This is often practiced if the child support payer does not have a stable income. A similar method is often found in builders, fishermen, travel managers, etc.

What to do with the unemployed?

In this case, alimony is awarded in a fixed amount. The percentage of earnings cannot be established, because no formal employment and proof of salary. The presence of a luxury item is not direct evidence that the payer of alimony has a high income, but is taken into account when calculating alimony.

How to change the size of alimony fees?

In the family law of Ukraine there is an opportunity to review the amount of alimony accrued by the court. A lawsuit can be filed by the payer as well as the recipient of alimony. The amount of payments may beat increased or decreased depending on changes in the amount of income, or the deterioration of the health of one of the former spouses.

What to do if additional costs for a child are required?

There is an article in the family code that obliges the defendant to pay extraordinary expenses if the child is suddenly ill and needs payments for treatment and rehabilitation. The amount of payments must be reasoned.

How to index child support?

Non-one-time incomes of citizens, which are received in hryvnias on the territory of Ukraine, can be indexed. The indexation of income of officially employed citizens occurs automatically at the place of work. This means that you do not need to go to court again to demand higher payments due to higher prices. Also in the family code of Ukraine it is indicated that child support paid in a solid amount is subject to indexation.

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