Housing issues

Housing issues


Housing issues today are one of the rather complicated and complicated disputes in Ukraine. The intricacies of various norms and by-laws are a complex system in which you cannot understand without a lawyer.

Many people become victims when they appear on the street without understanding how they lost their apartment, house or room. Real estate sales without the consent of the owners or illegal evictions today occur quite often. To avoid becoming a victim of such situations, always consult with a lawyer before making an important decision. They will always help you find a way out of this situation and offer the best option for solving it.

What issues does the housing lawyer decide?

  • advice on any issues related to real estate;
  • various real estate disputes;
  • paperwork when buying and selling housing;
  • disputes regarding the recognition of gift or sale contracts as invalid;
  • establishment of the procedure for using housing;
  • amendment of a tenancy agreement;
  • disputes about the division of a house or apartment, determination of their value and price;
  • recognition of ownership of housing;
  • disputes on the determination of shares in the ownership of a dwelling;
  • disputes regarding the recognition as having lost the right to use the premises;
  • recovery of material and moral damage from flooding, fire, determination of value and price;
  • section of an apartment or house between owners;
  • recognition of a warrant for a dwelling invalid;
  • business management in courts related to investment contracts in real estate;
  • privatization of housing;
  • removal of property;
  • moving and eviction from disputed housing;
  • recognition of a person as having lost the right to use the premises;
  • changing parts of a residential building, determining their value and price;
  • eviction of persons who unlawfully occupy residential premises;
  • division of property between spouses;
  • assistance in pacification of noisy residents of the house;
  • disputes over the permission to transfer the premises into the non-residential category.

And this is not a complete list of services that a housing lawyer does.

A lot of hopeless, as it may seem, housing issues can be resolved by contacting a lawyer in time for help.

In addition to all issues and disputes arising with their own housing, there is a separate category of issues regarding citizens who need to improve their living conditions, as well as those entitled or benefits to receive housing or land from the state.

Citizens in need of social protection are provided with housing by the state and local authorities free of charge or for a fee affordable for them in accordance with the law.

In these cases, it is necessary to register citizens in need of better housing conditions.

Disputes with organizations and government bodies.

The resolution of disputes between citizens is nothing compared to the need to assert their rights with the authorities or communal and other state organizations. Such institutions contain a staff of lawyers and other professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve nothing and find the extreme.

The solution to the simplest issue is delayed by months and still consists of endless trips to ZHEKI, city services and local administrations, building in kilometer-long queues.

Meanwhile, the roof of the house is leaking, the basement is flooded, the batteries are cold, there are cracks in the wall, near the entrance of the mountain of garbage, and you must pay the service bills on time.

All these methods have not been working for a long time and in order to quickly and effectively achieve the result you need to correctly record violations and draw up documents. Only in this way can neglected utilities and other responsible persons be made to fulfill their duties.

Do not forget that you pay bills for quality service, which means you have every right to demand the fulfillment of your duties from those institutions that provide it. And the longer you wait, the more time you lose, and the problem itself will not be solved until you begin to act.


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